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PALS Plus is the newly expanded version of PALS 1-3! PALS Plus can be used with children in grades 1-8 as a screening, diagnostic, and progress monitoring tool. PALS Plus provides teachers with the comprehensive literacy assessment they’ve always wanted. The tasks included in PALS Plus provide explicit information and model strong literacy instruction.

PALS Plus is a leveled instrument that is used to (a) screen and identify students in need of additional instruction based on their Entry Level task scores, and (b) diagnose specific skill strengths and deficits. Subsequent tasks can be administered for diagnosis of instructional oral reading level (Level B and Level C tasks). PALS Plus entry level tasks include spelling and word recognition in isolation. Other tasks included, depending on student needs, are oral reading (fluency, rate, accuracy, comprehension), alphabet recognition, letter sounds, concept of word, blending, and segmenting.

Students’ scores on specific tasks are added together to create a summed score. The summed score is compared against minimum expectations for fall and for spring. If a student’s summed score is below the benchmark, it is recommended that the student receive small-group instruction in addition to the regular classroom literacy instruction.