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The Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening in Spanish (PALS español) for Kindergarten measures children's developing knowledge of the fundamental components of Spanish literacy. PALS español K assesses phonological awareness, alphabet knowledge, letter-sound knowledge, and concept of word in text. PALS español K tasks are authentic Spanish literacy measures, developed to parallel English PALS tasks.

PALS español K identifies students’ literacy strengths in their native Spanish language. Early assessment with PALS español K helps teachers:

  • Identify students’ literacy strengths in their native Spanish.
  • Individualize instruction to accelerate reading development in both English and Spanish.
  • Identify students with reading difficulties without waiting until they are proficient enough to be assessed in English.

PALS español K tracks the literacy progress of students who:

  • Receive instruction in both English and Spanish.
  • Are transitioning from Spanish to English instruction.
  • Speak Spanish at home and English at school.

PALS español K was developed at the University of Virginia through rigorous research, which included a review of all tasks and items by an advisory board consisting of experts in bilingual literacy and native Spanish speakers from a variety of Spanish-speaking countries.